Stress Relief — Just a Phone Call Away

800 Blow Off Some Steam was established to give business people a safe, secure and confidential outlet to vent and get things off their chest.

Between the government shutdown and the COVID pandemic, everyone’s stress level has skyrocketed and stayed there.  And business-wise, things couldn’t be more unstable.


Business people must see ahead and keep a level head, kinda hard to do under unprecedented stress. Don’t let that build up and gnaw at you.  Give us call instead and just let it out! 



800 Blow Off Some Steam couldn’t be more easy — select a time slot convenient for you.  You have two choices:

(a) 30 minutes, or

(b) 45 minutes if you’d like a consultation after. 

Provide contact info and pay to secure your time.  Details are in your confirmation email, and we’ll send reminds of your appointment.  


That’s it.



$30 bucks for 30 minutes, $45 bucks for 45.


And no worries about privacy.

There is no data is saved on this site, no data is collected from this site, and payments are made thru Stripe, which does not save data or payment information unless told to do so.  We did not.


Because each booking makes that time unavailable to others, our policy is there are no refunds.


Reschedule are open appointment for any time an Administrator is available, including evenings, off-peak hours, and weekend hours if need be. No Holidays just yet, but stay tuned.


To reschedule, text us to the contact confirmation info contained in your receipt and cancellation notice with several preferred time(s) and forward your cancellation notice with the same info. We will set your rescheduled appointment from the Admin Calendar on the first available time you have listed then reply to the Cancellation Notice as: Update: Reschedule Appointment Confirmation.


See, couldn’t be simpler or more straightforward.


So, if you need an ear, its 800 Blow Off Some Steam to the rescue — we’re here to listen. 


Just signup below.