So Who Are We Anyway…

800 800 Blow Off Some Steam is a charitable partnership service offered by The Learners Lab Foundation and administered by its Strategic Planning & Operations Partner, The Competence Group, LLC.

Over the last 40+ years, the Founder of these two entities has become quite accustomed to clients, customers of clients, colleagues, neighbors and others inviting her for smoke break (event though she doesn’t smoke), or to take a walk — all so they can vent and blow off some steam, sometimes get some advise.  All in all, they have things they need to get off their chest, and “TAG” she seems to be it.

So, this seemed to pick up and the months leading up to the government shutdown when monies started being redirected,  it escalated and has never really declined once the government shutdown hit.  This was especially try for federal contractors (mostly individuals. boutique consulting firms) who were never paid and say pending contract commitments defunded.  Other small and outlying business entities who were/are the supports resources and suppliers to federal contacting entities suffered the same fare.

Then came this Pandemic.  It compounded an already difficult and stressful situation.

And a year into COVID many businesses, especially small, mom-n-pop, and 501c startups/entrepreneurs are still in limbo.  We can’t move in one direction and can’t look in the other.

So 800 Blow Off Some Steam was established to give more business people an opportunity to vent and get things off their chest.

Its as simple as that.